I’m Mel, a 23-year-old Australian student. I usually write when I see something that makes me angry, so there are a diverse range of posts here about various topics. I enjoy reading, eating, crocheting, travelling, puppies, and being outdoors. I am not associated in any way with any political party (although as you can tell I am generally interested in politics) and opinions expressed are my own. I try to provide links to evidence when I assert a fact as being true. Respectful comments are always welcome (even comments that disagree).

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  • Things about me:

    My name is Mel, I'm a final year law student from Australia. I'm interested in politics, feminism, sociology and science, among other things. You can find my Twitter account below; I am more active there than here.

    Feel free to share my posts anywhere you like, provided appropriate attribution and link-backs are given. Respectful comments always welcome. I like discussion.

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