Day 20: Home

I am home now. This is a great relief and means that I no longer have to type with an awful iPad keyboard and can take a shower in my own home and straighten my hair! I haven’t slept for about two days now, but it’s not even 7pm here yet and I still need to go to the supermarket before I can go to bed. So that I have something to eat when I wake up tomorrow morning/afternoon.

I spent about 12 hours in the Hong Kong airport yesterday, during which time I wrote an epic tumblr post about the last few days but which was inexplicably lost forever in the interwebs because of shitty free-internet computers and awful error screens.

I really liked Valencia; I got to splash my feet in the Mediterranean (the water was very warm, and there were hundreds upon hundreds of people at the beach, and many of the ladies weren’t wearing tops) and we went to a very cool aquarium (‘oceanografic’). When I’ve had some sleep and gone through all my photos, I might post some someplace on the internet for you all to see. .

In Barcelona, there were many many people and it was very hot. The train from Valencia to Barcelona was meant to take three hours but it ended up taking five, because we stopped due to technical trouble of some kind. It was all in Spanish so we really have no idea. On the Metro, some woman tried to steal things from my mum. That wasn’t so pleasant.

On the way home I consumed many milligrams of Valium, and everything was okay. Now I am about to fall asleep on my keyboard, so I must go. Maybe I will post more things later.

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