Day 8: London

things I like about London
– cute boys
– cute boys
– cute boys

Ha no I’m joking. Things I actually really like about London:
– people here speak my language
– the weather is great (no I’m not joking – its been like Hobart in summer, warm and clear but not debilitatingly hot)
– accents
– cute boys
– delicious food
– people don’t look at me judgementally when I wear sneakers and short shorts out and about
– people generally seem much more friendly and relaxed (except on the tube – see below)
– parks
– finding the TARDIS

things I don’t like about London
– the ‘tube’ is expensive, crowded, smelly, stuffy, confusing and generally fucking awful. Especially after coming straight from the Paris metro system, which is wonderful.

I think I’ve been to more churches on this trip than in the previous twenty-one years of my life combined. I am not religious, but I really like churches; sometimes they make me feel quite emotional. We went to Westminster Abbey, Westminster cathedral, and St Paul’s today. They were all lovely. The history of Westminster abbey is just amazing.
We went to a place called Gourmet Burger Kitchen for dinner, that was very delicious and I had an Oreo milkshake with my veggie burger. One of the waiters was very cute and probably from Spain, although I think perhaps I only liked him as much as I did because he reminded me of a boy I love back home.

My feet still hurt like a fucking bitch but being in London has definitely made me more cheerful.

Oh, and I went to the Parliamentary Bookshop today and bought some wonderful tea mugs……

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