Day 5: Paris


  • lots of beautiful, beautiful hipsters
  • wanting to kill myself because I am just so ugly and fat compared to all the chic Parisians
  • spending more money than I can afford
  • finding a truly amazing second-hand clothes store – as a consequence of trying to go to the Pablo Picasso museum and discovering that it’s actually closed for renovations at the moment – and buying the best dress I’ve ever seen for ten euros
  • still getting funny looks from people on the street and on the Metro
  • learning that the Metro will always smell like urine. Some other places will too.
  • art – even the really famous shit – is near-impossible to appreciate without some sort of context.
  • I really should buy better quality shoes.
  • waiting for an hour and a half to get into the Eiffel Tower only to be informed that the summit platform is closed for the day will make you angry. You will go to the second platform and be impressed anyway.
  • the charming experience of some dude at a market literally yelling out to me
  • apparently it’s not okay to show any skin AT ALL in this country
  • making eye contact with men here, rather than being a dare/test of character the way it is at home (if someone maintains eye contact with me they go up in my esteem), seems to essentially be an invitation for them to come and sleazily hit on me
  • at this stage I’m just using dot points for fun

I’m really hungry and thus going to go demand we go out for dinner now.
Bon soir!

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